About Us

Wearing comfortable casual, active and sports clothing is highly important to enhance your workout sessions and routine regime. Athflex is the manufacturer of best active, sports and casual clothing. The company has been inspired to give you seamless style and coziness. The fastest growing brand in athletic wear uses state-of-art to design for your garments. We have an entire team of entrepreneurs, sportsmen, artist and creators who produce exceptional clothing so that you can empower yourself at next level. We do everything to help you achieve your dreams and goals for a better tomorrow.

When it comes to initiating physical exercises, you just cannot do the needful while wearing your normal clothes. The benefit of wearing sports clothes is being far and wide realized. With different materials of clothing, you can exercise better. Not only that, you can save your favorite dress from getting used in those tough exercises. Also, we produce high end casual clothes for maintaining your style quotients without denting your budgets. We are looking forward to produce innovative and powerful clothing for fitness and sports. We are looking forward with great social presence and most of all is because of the inspiration to create our own like you dream to create yours.

We help you to choose the best fabric

Athflex has a wide range of fabrics in casual, and sportswear ranging from cotton, linen, polyester and rayon that suit the requirement of every individual. We create sweat absorbent outfits so that you have a concentrated mind set while initiating those fitness moves. A good quality fabric can keep away sweating, odor, and unwanted rashes from your body. Athflex manufactures breathable sports clothing made up of spandex, polypropylene, wool and polyester blend. Winter sports activity needs you to be warm and sweat free. Henceforth, we create special winter based sportswear that are breathable and evaporate sweat immediately. Even if you are involved in heavy workout and don’t get enough time to wipe up your body, our skin friendly range of Athletic wear would spontaneously take care of you.

Fill your cupboard with correct wardrobe staples

Having a correct collection of sports and fitness wear enhances your workability manifold. Picking up correct gym clothes from Athflex ensures unrestricted movement and better confidence level. Wearing tight running shoes clubbed with correct bottoms and t-shirt impacts your performance. Also, it ensures that you keep miles away from sports injury.  Good quality clothes from Athflex can never interfere in your workability. We produce fabrics that keep you away from uneasiness and blisters. Athflex is the first choice of sportspersons at global level.

We produce clothes to support you better

Routine clothes like shorts and t-shirt add an element of support and helpfulness. For instance, cycling with the correct shorts having padded rear can make your ride go long way. Similarly, we have different shorts designed for weightlifting and running. We make sure that you are comfortable in whatever activity you are involved in.

Choosing the clothing is no more tricky

It takes trial and error method in selecting the exact outfit your body requires. However, with the correct details and description mentioned about each clothing on our website, we help you to pick up only the best for yourself. Our main focus is to provide you optimal fitting outfits that does not blow away with wind flow. The fabric has an important role play in your efficiency.
We believe in producing only best quality clothes for our customers. Therefore, we pay special attention in the overall fitting and style of each product. The construction style stimulates your social image and helps you to feel confident in dual way.

Why to choose sportswear only from Athflex?

You tend to feel at your best when the carried outfit is up to the mark. For instance, you cannot expect yourself to jog or Run while wearing a normal leather shoe. Similarly, wearing sports clothes is highly important if you wish to make physical activities easier for yourself.

We do not charge extra prices for the premium quality we provide. We keep your budget intact and make sure that our high quality products and minimal profit margins provide you a reason to come back to us every time. We have a separate contact us page where you can provide us with your valuable feedback and also help us to improve so that we can service you better in near future.

What all we produce ?

If you are actually concerned about your performance during fitness activities, using advanced textile is highly necessary. We produce a full-fledged range of casual outfit, active wear, sportswear and athletic wear to caters individuals from all walks of life. Our round the clock research in apparel industry has facilitated our production quality. We know what it takes to produce an excellent quality material and best fitting clothing. Our smart sport clothing collection enables affordability so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while shopping from us. We produce diving suit, t-shirt, Polo shirt, Jersey, short, surfing suit, body armor, undergarments and much more.

Stretchable fabric

we produce special sports clothing so that you can initiate stretching exercises such as swimming, wrestling, dance and gymnastic utmost easily. Our Lycra based yoga and gym outfit are extremely preferred by customers at National level.

Winter sports wear

special sports clothing designated to keep you cozy and warm. Winter based collection is the best for Olympic enthusiasts. It can gear of your performance in the most adverse weather.

Adventure sports wear

sports activities like mountain climbing, jogging, cycling and running require you to remain agile and comfortable all the time. Henceforth, we design dresses accordingly so that you remain absolutely insulated in extreme cold condition. Our elastic stretch fabric helps you in hill climbing and rope climbing. Our high quality fabric remains intact even after extreme exposures. rough surfaces like Rock or Ice can never harm the functionality and durability of our fabrics