• Whom to believe!

    Whom to believe!

    When you initially look into a healthy lifestyle or into going for a transformation, you get a lot of different advice and different information from various sources. How do you decide which one to believe and which one to go for? It’s a rather difficult choice to make when you have no idea about what you’re walking into.  So, here are certain tips which...
  • Healthy inside and outside

    Healthy inside and outside

    We see plenty of people in our daily lives who are fit on the outside but have addictions. Howmany times have you seen people going for a smoke right after the gym? They give excuses of “I work out and so it doesn’t have any adverse effects on me” or “I give mybody something in return”. Never to believe any of this. If you are...
  • The Fallback

    The Fallback

    Things don’t always work out smoothly. There are plenty of you out there who have had setbacks in your transformation journeys. Everything doesn’t have to work at the first go.  You get an injury, you can get severely ill or there’s a pandemic that hits which can hold you back for a long enough period of time that you start seeing your physique deteriorating....
  • Altered paths

    Altered paths

    Ever had a dream and had to pick another target because of some absurd reason? Ever heard of kids with dreams to go big in sports and saw it shatter because of injuries or money? It is a very common thing to happen in life, in reality nothing works out the way we plan for it to, there are always some alterations that we...
  • Repeated items on the menu!

    Repeated items on the menu!

    The worst part about dieting for weight gain or weight loss is the fact that you’re supposed to be eating the same menu over and over again. It’s all counted and healthy and maybe for once you even learn to like it but the monotony will never run out. Healthy items comes in limited numbers. The more you try to alter, the more you...
  • Benefits of running

    Benefits of running

    We all have heard the benefits of running amongst the most common of them all being weight loss, but is it all that running does?  The answer is no. There are a lot of other benefits to it. These are points given to us by some of the runners that we know who have been regularly into the habit for years.  It being an...
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