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Altered paths

by Andrew Leo 26 Sep 2020 10 Comments

Ever had a dream and had to pick another target because of some absurd reason? Ever heard of kids with dreams to go big in sports and saw it shatter because of injuries or money? It is a very common thing to happen in life, in reality nothing works out the way we plan for it to, there are always some alterations that we have to make or pick alternatives to go with because the earlier plans never worked out. You ever face that disappointment? Ever had someone tell you that “Everything happens for a reason”? 

Well, guess what? It is true. Everything does happen for a reason. If you haven’t felt it, maybe you haven’t realised it yet, the positive effect of your alterations. Give it some time to sink in, because let us tell you, there’s always something good which comes out of it. 

Things eventually come down to not giving up. Failures are and have to be a part of your life, because otherwise you’ll never get anywhere. Similarly, situations are also a part of your life, it is what makes it so exciting. Not knowing what’s going to happen, not knowing if what you are thinking will work. 

It is all about how much you want something. You will either find another way to get there or you will find something better to do with yourself. 

Nonetheless, don’t give up. 

Not on your dreams and never on yourself!

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