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Weight Gain Panic In The Pandemic

Weight Gain Panic In The Pandemic

A whole lot of you were on your journey towards a weight loss goal when the pandemic hit. After running out of options for a cardio as the gyms, the parks, the open roads, every other place that were used were closed down and are apparently the last ones to open up again, a lot of you must’ve witnessed yourself moving away from your goal. After taking those steps forward, you saw yourself taking a few steps backwards and that can be a little hard to face. We don’t know what your individual reasons are, but we do know that a physical transformation is a very personal journey and it can affect your psyche. We would like to let you know that you are not alone and that, it is okay. Soon, you will get back to your normal routine and you will be able to reach the previously left step again. Soon enough after which, your goals are not far away. Just hold on to the motivation that got you started in the first place. Try ways which are possible right now. Fasting, HIIT home workouts, skipping and whatever else is feasible for you. Don’t give up on your goals just yet. Don’t get bothered if you do end up putting on a little. Don’t get panicked by the little detour because it is just a matter of time. Talk to people who are into fitness, they can help. Talk to yourself because the strongest motivation comes from within. Hold on to the goals and hold on to what inspired you. Believe that you will get there and keep going

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