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Healthy inside and outside

Healthy inside and outside

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We see plenty of people in our daily lives who are fit on the outside but have addictions. How
many times have you seen people going for a smoke right after the gym? 
They give excuses of “I work out and so it doesn’t have any adverse effects on me” or “I give my
body something in return”. Never to believe any of this. If you are on this path or considering
going on it, hear us out first. 
Any addiction is going to give you an issue in the future, maybe the work out will give you a
couple of more years, but it will happen. Now to think of it logically, your addiction with the
addition of the work out is just exaggerating your body beyond its maximum limit. You are giving
it toxins on one end and forcing it to remove it on the other. Why to put your body through so
much stress to support something which is universally not good for you? 
The same body which have survived so long, the one which is the essence of the looks that you
are so proud of, the one which is going to protect you from a lot of medical issues in the future,
why do you choose to put it through extra work? 
If we all are so health conscious, let’s give being healthy all the way a try. 
Let’s make our bodies healthy from the inside too. Just to add it on the plus side, it will give you
better results on the outside too. 
Start off with it today and see the change. 
It is never too late.

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