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The Comfort Zone

by Andrew Leo 29 May 2020 0 Comments

Why do you think you failed to achieve those fitness goals? Why did the motivation wear off after a couple of days or weeks? Did you ever want yourself to actually see the end result of the journey you were starting or was it something you gave a shot in hopes for it to workout?

Fitness goals are tough, to begin with, and tougher to continue with it. The inconvenience hits you after some time into the whole process. The alteration of your schedules, the food that you’ll have to sacrifice, the excessive cravings, the habits that you’ll have to give up, the dedication that you’ll have to show to exercise every day, the self-discipline that you’ll have to maintain, all of these are easy to decide on but really difficult to follow through with. The workouts start giving you body pains, the cravings increase after a couple of days, the changed schedule gets tough to follow after a few weeks, the diet gets boring to follow as it’s the same food every day. These are majorly the excuses that people use when they convince themselves to quit. But should you really quit because of the difficulties? Ever think that maybe, this was supposed to be a part of the journey?

The reason being, anything has to get uncomfortable before it gets comfortable. Be it leaving an addiction or trying to adjust to a new habit. Be it learning a new sport or adjusting to a fit lifestyle. This ethic is relevant to almost all the areas in your life. Everything has to get uncomfortable before it gets comfortable, but if you decide to give up at the uncomfortable stage, you’ll never see the better parts of it, the comfortable parts of it, and especially the results.

So next time, when things get uncomfortable anywhere, take the leap of faith, believe that it will get better, that you will get better.

Go for that last lap, finish that last set, take that one last chance at things, because the things which do give good results are the ones which are the most uncomfortable in the beginning. If you want things to work out in your favor, if you want those flawless results, build up enough courage to get through those uncomfortable times, because the good times await on the other side.

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