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Working on yourself

by Andrew Leo 10 Jul 2020 0 Comments

After the hype over depression, we thought of talking to about how a fit lifestyle can help you keep your mental health in check. It is true that it is not the only way and it is not 100% safe even after that because you never know what goes in life and life, as we know it, can always give you situations which can get difficult to deal with. We’ve always given you points in our blogs over how it can be beneficial but we’ve never dedicated a write up completely to it so here it is.

Mental health is as important as your physical health and has to be looked after. It’s not possible to go through your entire life without facing a single hardship and it’s always different for people. Some deal with it head-on and some need help, and there is nothing wrong in either. But never ever turn your head away from those issues. Do you already know that exercise releases endorphins which are basically the “happy hormones”, but are those enough? Are you sure that the regular release of endorphins will get you out of every difficulty you face? Let us give you a very simple trick. You know that cool down period of 5-10 minutes that you take to post a workout, try some concentration in that period. Sit down or lay down, close your eyes, and focus on those black and white patterns appearing in your eyes. It empties your mind for a while and just like every other part of your body, even your brain needs a break. It will help you get your body grounded and it will let the endorphins work on you in peace. It is not that much time and the benefits are way higher. There’s nothing wrong in trying it out. Think of it as a few minutes less that you scrolled your social media accounts. A steady mind gives better results in your physical exercises as well as your other aspects of life

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