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Beating the cravings

Beating the cravings

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If you are following a healthy lifestyle then you’re aware of the craving we’re talking about over here and if you are planning to start following a healthier lifestyle then you are about to get awareness of the craving we’re talking about here. Either way, let us give you some information which we have gathered from people’s experiences over the years. A basic thumb rule being, your body is not craving for what your taste buds are craving. But when you fall into those cravings, you end up disturbing your diet. Let’s take the biggest example of all times: sweet cravings. Your body never needs extra glucose, it makes glucose from the food that you eat. The sweet cravings are just a way that your body asks for some healthy oils. The right way to satisfy those sweet cravings is to eat some peanuts or dry fruits, not to go and have something sweet and end up increasing your calorie intake. If that doesn’t help and you feel your taste buds still trying to lure you into having something sweet, have a small proportion of fruits which you like. It will give you extra nutrients and kill your cravings for the time being. There’s one more way if you want to go the hard way, try having something bitter, a green tea, black coffee, etc. And drink water over it. Sometimes your body needs to be manipulated into falling into a habit of following a healthy lifestyle, because old habits die hard! So, the next time when you get some craving, try to understand the craving, if that doesn’t work then try to find a way to trick your body into beating that craving but don’t straight up fall into that craving because that will drag you 4 steps backwards and you will regret it right after. Keep building those habits gradually because the day you see your progress, you will not want to go back.

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