• Getting over the comments!

    Getting over the comments!

    Every one of us who has started off with a transformation journey has gone through the comments of some or the other person around. It should be either because of why you start or because of why you push harder. Some one around you is always going to say something discouraging and that is something which we shouldn’t give up for.  Speaking to the...
  • Why take supplements?

    Why take supplements?

    We’ve heard people saying that we shouldn’t take nutrients from supplements that come in boxes, well it’s true up until a limit but if you talk about your bodily requirements, certain nutrients are impossible to be gained in the amounts needed from natural food sources. This is not only for people who goes to gyms or are involved in any other form of exercises....
  • Why should you pick Indian clothing brands?

    Why should you pick Indian clothing brands?

    First of all, we have all been watching the news with our prime minister pushing the use of Indian brands which is practical enough but today we’d like to tell you how it can be beneficial for you. Talking about the fabrics used, cotton being the most preferred fabric considering our weather, has its origin based in our country itself. We export a lot...
  • Beat the Intimidation

    Beat the Intimidation

    We’ve always heard about the intimidation that people face when they start out for their fitness journey. It’s always weird in the beginning. If you join a gym, it’s uncomfortable going there alone. If you pick outdoor jogging or running, you’ll probably get those stares from strangers and it will end up being an awkward experience for you. It is important to know that...
  • Home workouts, beneficial or not?

    Home workouts, beneficial or not?

    We saw a meme which said “Thr only people that these home workouts work on are the people who had a built body already”. It was a little funny but so not true. There are people who actually ended up reaching their goals in the lockdown and the secret which is never a part of those workout videos is the diet which will support...
  • Ever wonder why fitness?

    Ever wonder why fitness?

    You must always look at all these people eating right and workout everyday, but have you ever wondered why? How many times you had a thought that these people are doing it just for better looks? I’m sure a whole bunch of you must always be going around saying that you don’t have an issue with how you look so why make any effort....
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