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Why should you pick Indian clothing brands?

Why should you pick Indian clothing brands?

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First of all, we have all been watching the news with our prime minister pushing the use of Indian brands which is practical enough but today we’d like to tell you how it can be beneficial for you. Talking about the fabrics used, cotton being the most preferred fabric considering our weather, has its origin based in our country itself. We export a lot of it to foreign countries where they use the same cotton to make clothes which you pay a high amount for. Why not just support our country’s economy and take the cotton from where it belongs? It is only fair that the producer should benefit from the product. Now, talking about practical reasons, the prices for the imported clothes increases due to the taxes and the import duties, so you’re basically paying triple the amount for products which you would’ve found here itself with the same or even superior quality at minimised rates. After this pandemic when the country is standing at a dropped economy, instead of just talking about it, let’s do something to change it. Let’s make better choices by picking Indian brands so that we get the original products from our country itself and we give something back to the country as well. As a lot of us would have set goals post the pandemic for ourselves and we’d work towards it, the country has its goals as well and it’s upon the citizens to make it get there. Let’s get fit and let’s make the country fit

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