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Why take supplements?

by Andrew Leo 22 Jul 2020 2 Comments

We’ve heard people saying that we shouldn’t take nutrients from supplements that come in boxes, well it’s true up until a limit but if you talk about your bodily requirements, certain nutrients are impossible to be gained in the amounts needed from natural food sources. This is not only for people who goes to gyms or are involved in any other form of exercises. Nutrients upkeep is very important when it comes to your health and especially your immunity. We all have come to know the importance of immunity in 2020, that’s a no brainer! The healthier your body, the better it fights against viruses and bacterias. 

Now, coming to why is it not possible to get it all from natural food? 

Let’s face it, we are humans, we can’t continue having the exact same things everyday. Vegetarians face another issues for nutrients available only in non-veg. The amounts are another issue, how are you going to eat all that food to get the right amounts? And where do you think all that extra food is gonna go? 

It is a vicious circle of trying to watch your weight and trying to get all the nutrients. 

The way out of this being, pick supplements which are natural. Check the dissolving power of those supplements, check whether there are combinations in it and check what are they  made of! If you pick the right supplements, they won’t hurt your body and will support your health and immunity in these crucial times. 

Let’s cut some burden off of our doctors this year and work forward towards making our bodies healthier so that it fights against this pandemic at its best. 

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26 Aug 2020 Tushar kumar
Btw.. u helped me get clear with a bit of so called superstitions kind of stuffs pf the society… but it woul be more helpful.. if u could provide some names of the supplements
26 Aug 2020 Tushar kumar
Then u should mention some of the natural supplements?

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