Getting over the comments!


Every one of us who has started off with a transformation journey has gone through the comments of some or the other person around. It should be either because of why you start or because of why you push harder. Some one around you is always going to say something discouraging and that is something which we shouldn’t give up for. 

Speaking to the people at the initial stage or the people who are going through these comments, just remember, giving up is not an option. People are going to comment because there are two kinds of observers, the ones who criticise and the ones who take inspiration from your efforts and unfortunately, the first type is in abundance.

When you go for a run outside, when you walk into the gym or when you go to any other place for any form of exercise, try using earphones so that the voices get blocked out, because once you make progress, those voices are going to get muted on its own. 

Or always look at it as a plus side, think that the comments are because you’re doing something right. They’re there because you’ve made some progress. Remember, taking the first step is also a progress because a whole lot of people fail to do that itself. 

Never make these comments a reason for you to stop or to alter anything. Keep going till you reach your goals. Keep your eyes akimbo!

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