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Home workouts, beneficial or not?

Home workouts, beneficial or not?

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We saw a meme which said “Thr only people that these home workouts work on are the people who had a built body already”. It was a little funny but so not true. There are people who actually ended up reaching their goals in the lockdown and the secret which is never a part of those workout videos is the diet which will support this. Without controlling the food that you’re eating, it is never going to work, even if you hit the gym. Especially in this lockdown, when the gyms are closed and the outdoors aren’t really safe, you workout at home and you end up staying more idle than you used to. If you apply the basic calorie calculations here, you’ll realise that you’re eating the same or probably more (all thanks to those series) but it’s not getting burned off because of the low activity levels. For the home workouts to work, you gotta drop your calories and not skip the HIIT, because we all know what happens when you get tired and no one is watching. Stop giving up on those workouts and stop the binge eating, and you might just see the differences. Look into fasting to gain a control over your appetite or look for low calorie alternatives to work with. It is possible. This is the perfect time to start working on yourself, so stop waiting for the gyms to open up or that lagging motivation to kick in. Do it now, because tomorrow will literally never arrive! 

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