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Dieting the Indian way

Dieting the Indian way

We bet that there are plenty of people here who can’t follow the diet because of the bland taste or the separate cooking needs and what not. Well, it is not necessary to follow a strict diet with tasteless food and vegetables that you can’t find at your local market. Those special diets are compulsory for people who have taken fitness as a profession. It is not for the people who are just trying to be healthy for their betterment or for the people who are trying to lose some weight for their personal reasons. A diet can be altered and made healthy with your regular food that you eat everyday as well. Avoid a couple of things and add certains items which are available locally. Let us give you some basic tips which might be helpful.

  1. Exchange your rice with millets, they have lesser carbs.
  2. Avoid potatoes and all other roots which are white in colour. Prefer vegetables which are green.
  3. Avoid direct dairy products like paneer, curd, etc. Instead prefer boiled milk, buttermilk, etc.
  4. Cut down the number of rotis and add some extra dal to your meal.
  5. Add two glasses of water before you eat.
  6. Add some raw vegetables to your plate, it will help you fill up your stomach without the extra calories.
  7. Avoid sweets. Prefer fruits instead.


This way you won’t have to cook separately and go around looking for things, you’ll be able to find all these ingredients in your local market itself. Remember, there’s always a way!




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