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The 5 seconds rule

by Andrew Leo 25 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Ever wonder how you end up not doing things you decide on doing? That early morning jog, the control over the sweet craving, the control over the appetite, the idea of actually showing up at the gym, all of these are certain disciplinary actions which you need to follow if you really want that transformation to take place. But the majority of the people fail to because they end up reasoning with their own brains over not doing it. Let us tell you a trick that really helps. The next time when you decide to do something and when the time comes and you feel that you are the verge of convincing yourself for the other way, close your eyes and count backward from 5. Psychologists say that it takes 5 seconds for you to change the direction of your thoughts and hence, your actions. If you can sustain in those 5 seconds, you will end up not having any other thoughts and you will actually end up doing what you had decided in the first place. This rule can apply to any other habit which you’re trying to apply to your life. It isn’t as hard as it looks. 5 seconds is literally all it takes. So, the next time when you get that urge to change your course of action, remember that change is inevitable and it’s better if you decide the direction it goes in. It is better to stop that craving than to give into it and end up gaining weight when you were trying to lose it. It is better to break your routine and start that workout today instead of giving yourself excuses of being busy or tired. Your mind is powerful but it can be tricked, use that fact and get your goals reached! 


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