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Why not tomorrow?

by Andrew Leo 22 Aug 2020 2 Comments

Every time when we decide to do something new or try to make changes, we always put it on “tomorrow”. 

“I’ll start tomorrow”, is one sentence which hardly comes true, because when the tomorrow arises, your mind have had enough time to get new excuses so as to how to duck out of your decision. 

The human mind can be really tricky that way. Especially when it comes to changing habits.

So, here’s what we suggest. Instead of proving the proverb of “tomorrow never comes”, the next time you decide something, start it that moment itself. You want to change your diet? Change it in the very next meal. You want to quit some bad habit? Quit it right that minute. You want to get done with that important assignment? Start it now otherwise you’ll never get to the end. 

Every time you feel like giving up or going back to the old pattern, remind yourself why you started! The more you’ll do in the direction which you decided to go in, the more you’ll be confident enough to continue. Because believe it or not, the major inspiration for going on comes from the small success that you’ve achieved so far. It is something which is applicable in any part of your life. 

Always remember “the more you gain, the more you’ll want”. 

Greed is a part of the human nature, why not put it to good use? 

So, whatever goals you have in your mind which you want to achieve, start today. Start right this minute!

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