• Ever wonder why fitness?

    Ever wonder why fitness?

    You must always look at all these people eating right and workout everyday, but have you ever wondered why? How many times you had a thought that these people are doing it just for better looks? I’m sure a whole bunch of you must always be going around saying that you don’t have an issue with how you look so why make any effort....
  • Beating the cravings

    Beating the cravings

    If you are following a healthy lifestyle then you’re aware of the craving we’re talking about over here and if you are planning to start following a healthier lifestyle then you are about to get awareness of the craving we’re talking about here. Either way, let us give you some information which we have gathered from people’s experiences over the years. A basic thumb...
  • Wear Multiple Fitness Brands at the Same Time

    Wear Multiple Fitness Brands at the Same Time

    What fitness brands you wear at the same time? It matters? It’s your choice! It’s pretty self-explainable that if you care what you wear than I would suggest you that don’t wear fitness wear of different brands. I am saying this because it won’t suit. Just imagine you have a Puma and its tick marked (Nike) and somewhat of the graph from Adidas. Are...
  • The 5 seconds rule

    The 5 seconds rule

    Ever wonder how you end up not doing things you decide on doing? That early morning jog, the control over the sweet craving, the control over the appetite, the idea of actually showing up at the gym, all of these are certain disciplinary actions which you need to follow if you really want that transformation to take place. But the majority of the people...
  • Life & Fitness a Brand

    Life & Fitness a Brand

    The last time you had to take the stairs instead of the elevator (damn!) and sweat profusely by just looking at the flight of stairs and gasping for air after reaching your floor explains it all.  Imagine what you will do in Zombie apocalypse. (If there is any) “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” —Jerry...
  • 5 minutes is all it takes!

    5 minutes is all it takes!

    Have you ever left the house without having a look in the mirror? Self-obsession exists in everybody on different magnitudes and it is nothing to hide or to be conscious about. When you look good, you do good! It’s similar to the reasoning that follows the fact that when you’re in good health when you’re feeling good, you can run a race better than...
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